Thursday, December 31, 2009

Balance and Moderation

So, I am not quite sure what I want to blog about. I have never blogged before. Not sure who would even read this. Maybe my son, one day. Maybe my husband. Hmm...not so sure, I know I like to write though. So I guess no one needs to listen, I will just vent. All I know is I have a very strange life. Don't we all though? I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, and so on and so forth. That is not the strange part though. The strange part is my perspective, I have a super addictive personality. So the whole perspective thing is pretty weird.

Today is New Years Eve 2009 and I am not making any sort of resolution, I am making a new motto for my life, balance and moderation. Trying to have balance and moderation for someone like me is completely out of character. Everything has to be balls out or no balls at all. When I diet, I am crazy nazi diet woman and when I am not dieting, I eat as if all the junk food in the world will be going out of business and it is the last time I will ever see a ding dong. When I work I am never home, I workaholic freakazoid when I rest...I am the laziest person I know.

So, since tonight is the day before that new motto....I am going to have the least amount of balance and moderation that I can!! Pass me the cupcake!