Sunday, May 22, 2011

5 Things I Wish I Knew Last Year

Let me make this clear: I am in no way any type of expert in running – I AM a new runner. Last year I learned a lot about running, through making bad decisions and I thought I would share.

1. Go to the running store immediately and invest in some shoes. When I first started running, I kept getting shin splints and muscle pulls. Once I finally broke down and got everything measured, I found out I had high arches, narrow feet, I pronate inward and I was buying shoes a ½ size too small. Once I got the correct shoes and inserts for myself my re-occurring injuries magically went away.

2. When it hurts, stop. I am not talking about tired muscles, I am talking about when it actually HURTS, like when something is wrong. I kept taking a day and getting back to running. I was popping Advil like candy. Unfortunately Advil does not actually heal pain, it just masks it. So when I was down, I was down for at least a week. This year I am taking it easy if I feel something awkward.

3. When you get sick, unless you have a fever, stomach flu, or cannot breath – run anyways. You may not agree with me on this one, but I insist this is the best idea for me. First of all trying to get my mileage back after taking a week or two off, especially since I am a new runner, takes twice as long. I am not a “natural” talent; I didn’t run my first half marathon in some amazing time without training. I have to work at it. Taking long amounts of time off do not help me.

4. Stretch, Yoga, do bendy stuff – whatever the trend – do it. Yes, it is boring. Yes, I am a person with no patience – that is actually how I started running – I got impatient with walking. It takes more self discipline for me to make time to stretch then it does to follow my training plan. BUUUUUUUT, it does make a difference for me. Oh – and just a side note, I always wait till after my body is warm to stretch.

5. Get a hand held water bottle. I drink a lot of water, when I get thirsty out on a run I NEED to drink. If I have no water, it can get to the point of me coughing a bunch and then it takes me forever to come back from that. I tried that belt thingy and hated it. First of all, it bounced everywhere. Second of all, I am already carrying around my own extra weight; I definitely do not need to carry around more weight. I have found that my little hand held water is perfect, I can fill it up at water stations everywhere.

I am sure I will have a whole new list after this race season, so stay tuned.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


So yesterday I did another 2 mile "long run." I stopped to stretch out my calves after I finished the first mile (cause guess what!?!? they are hurting again) and the watch stopped timing, then I started messing around with it, pushed every button and finally gave up on it. I realized, I have no idea how to work that thing. So I spent a good part of the afternoon learning how to use it. I finally was able to download the software and find out where I can see my results on the computer.

Oh! I am convinced for sure that my treadmill is off on the speed setting. My Garmin said I was going 10:30 avg - which is substantially different then my 12-13 minute miles on the treadmill. Something is up. I can say, if that is the case, well that will be my secret weapon to 9 minute miles....that and a lot of praying....and some weight loss....and some more praying...begging....pleading....please God help me get there!!!

I bought the Yoga DVD from Target and will be committing to doing it every Sunday.


This year I am combining strength with running (which is another reason why my miles are building slow). I was hesitant last year since #1 I had no idea what I was getting myself into in the first place and #2 I build muscle very fast - I mean the bulky unfeminine kind not the pretty long lean kind. But I am guessing I will need muscle to get faster and I am hoping that as long as I am not lifting heavy weights and just do more repetitions of lighter weights I won't bulk up too much.

Wow - this post is really all over the place...I have no idea what the title should be...perhaps "2 Mile Garmin Troubles New Yoga DVD Weight Lifting," hmmmm I think that is just a tad too long - aha! I will make it an acronym!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Races on the Calender

Yesterday I signed up for 3 races. I will be doing the Anaheim 5K next month, then the Huntington Beach 5K on the 4th of July and the Long Beach 1/2 in October. I am probably going to sign up for the OC Fair 5K - but I figured I would hold off since I just spent a lot of money all at once (somehow it is more economical if I break it up). I am determined to break 27 minutes on one of the 5K's I do.

I am sure next month's 5K time will be horrid - but hey I figured I'd get started trying right away. I am hoping for 32 minutes next month, based on where I am at right now, that is ambitious. The OC Fair 5K is in August, so if I do not get to 27 minutes by the HB 5K, then I WILL get it there!

My goal for the Long Beach 1/2 Marathon is 2-2:15. I have plenty of time to get there and I have all of the mistakes I made last year under my belt; hopefully I wont make them again. PLUS I have my supersweet Garmin. I have big plans for that little guy. Poor thing has been collecting dust for a couple months. The LB 1/2 is like my rematch of last year - where I actually completed it, but I had MUCH room for improvement. This year I am coming back to pick the fight again...grrrrrr.

I will pick a marathon too - eventually. That's right, you heard me, I will finally pick, pay, and then be forced to train for the event I have had as a gaol for over a year. Since it will be far out in like Jan or so - I figured as long as I schedule it before I complete the 1/2 in October I will be fine.

I have realized that I NEED to have a race on the calender. I am a goal oriented person and while I really like to run, I LOVE to run races and get to my goal times.

Monday, May 9, 2011

2 Mile "Long Run"

Man I have a LONG way to go. This weekend I did a 2 mile "long run" - it's almost embarrassing to say that - I won't even post the time - it was even more embarrassing....ok it was 26 minutes and some change (there were walking breaks). I feel ok today - no shin splints so tomorrow is 1.5 plus 30 Day Shred (same for the next 2 days). I am just going to work at this slowly, with balance and moderation. I will get to that Marathon one day - I know it. First things first - I am going to tackle a 27 minute 5K.

So I made the Vegan Enchiladas that Angela from Oh She Glows raved about - with some modifications - OH MY!!! Really super and really filling. They are as good as she says. I made mine with Zucchini instead of Sweet Potatoes and Anaheim Peppers instead of Bell Peppers (I hate Bell Peppers). Delish! You don't even realize the cheese is missing. That will be a good go to recipe.

Also, I made the Almond Butter she made, while it is not exactly the best thing I ever ate - it does make a great lower fat replacement for my nut butter addiction.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Forever and a Day

So I admit, it has been forever since my last post. I have been reading everyones stuff - just no comments since I have been reading posts on my Android through the Google Reader app. Posting really started to dwindle when I got sick and my running went downhill. Then my work increased and I started looking for a Preschool for Jesse. I found one - he starts next week!! I completely flopped on OC Marathon (the race I really wanted to run) - I was not training and so I took a big pass.

So I have been at the beginning of running again for the past 2 weeks. Last week I just did Jillian and Turbo Jam video's, this week I am still doing the videos, and adding 1 mile of running on the TM. I have no plan, but the goal is to run a 5K in anywhere close to 27 minutes. I am focusing on shorter faster runs, since my work has really picked up and time is limited. Also, it seems more attainable - I have it stuck in my mind that if I can make it to that goal with a faster time, running the 1/2 Marathon in a quicker time will be easier.

I want to train faster - with a smaller goal in mind it seams more attainable.