Monday, May 9, 2011

2 Mile "Long Run"

Man I have a LONG way to go. This weekend I did a 2 mile "long run" - it's almost embarrassing to say that - I won't even post the time - it was even more embarrassing....ok it was 26 minutes and some change (there were walking breaks). I feel ok today - no shin splints so tomorrow is 1.5 plus 30 Day Shred (same for the next 2 days). I am just going to work at this slowly, with balance and moderation. I will get to that Marathon one day - I know it. First things first - I am going to tackle a 27 minute 5K.

So I made the Vegan Enchiladas that Angela from Oh She Glows raved about - with some modifications - OH MY!!! Really super and really filling. They are as good as she says. I made mine with Zucchini instead of Sweet Potatoes and Anaheim Peppers instead of Bell Peppers (I hate Bell Peppers). Delish! You don't even realize the cheese is missing. That will be a good go to recipe.

Also, I made the Almond Butter she made, while it is not exactly the best thing I ever ate - it does make a great lower fat replacement for my nut butter addiction.

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