Balance and Moderation

Why Balance and Moderation? Why not name your blog something to do with Running and Weight Loss?

First of all I have a totally addictive personality.  I go all out on everything I do.  Some people would consider this a blessing, and it a point.  One of the reasons I run is to find a small amount of Balance and Moderation in my life - running forces you to be that way.  My body will not allow me to run any further when I have over done it.  If I hit the right formula of workouts, I am more successful compared to when I push too hard.

In order to be successful at losing weight and keeping it off, I have to also find that "sweet spot", where I am happy with what I am eating and the amount that I am eating.  If I fall too far on either end of the spectrum, I will gain weight or just yo-yo.  I am not trying to lose weight temporarily, I am not looking for a quick fix.  I am trying to change me.  I am trying to find some Balance and Moderation in my life. 

Thus Balance and Moderation is key to the success of my running, weight loss, and health goals.