Saturday, November 27, 2010

Turkey Trot

I have been attempting to get this post up for a while - so please excuse the tardiness:

Thanksgiving was a nutty day! I was not ready for the race the day of. I was at Disneyland with my dad the day before so when I got home late, I was not in the mood to set all my stuff up. I figured it was a 10K - I didn't need all the stuff that I needed for the 1/2 Marathon. WRONG. We took Jesse with us, so factoring that in I was not at all prepared. But I made it. We drove off at about 5:50am and got there in time for me to go to the port-a-potty.

The race was super fun. I hardly felt like I was running the first few miles. It was a good run. I have good runs and bad runs - I think it depends on the amount of rest that I have before I go. I felt terrific. I came in in 1:07. That is a great time for me! I aimed for 1 hour - but that was close enough! 10K's are a great race distance for me = long enough to enjoy it but short enough not to kill myself.

Can you find me??

Bill did awesome too! He did his 5K in a little over 24 minutes. I was so proud. He had been thinking about giving up the race thing because of his knees, but I think this race and his time gave him a whole new excitement about it again. I'm glad, since he is my race partner.

Jesse and I were playing with the camera while we waited for Bill to come around:

(I wrote this last Saturday) Today I am off for Thanksgiving part 2 at my mom and dad's house. MMMMM turkey and stuffing, I just can't get enough!

So okay, I need to get back to running again. I have been sucking about going since the race. My excuses have been that it has been dark early and with the cold and Bill has been working late, so I can't go off by myself (I have to push the stroller - I HATE that). So, I have decided to just suck it up and run with the stroller - knowing it will be just temporary. I guess it is better then the treadmill. I'll try to work on getting to posting more to keep myself more accountable : )

Monday, November 22, 2010

Caffeine Withdrawal - Day 2 and 3

Day 2:
I was hating life! I went to church in the morning and almost fell asleep in service. When I got home I had a massive headache and no energy. Needless to say; no running for the lazy girl. I watched a ton of Bones re-runs (they are new to me) through Netflix.

Day 3:
Not so bad. I can tell I am coming out of it. I took some Tylenol when I woke up so my headache is very dull - not too bad and I have quite a bit more energy then before. I am drinking a ton of water still to flush out the bad stuff. I'll be going on a walk in a few to help keep the blood flowing.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Caffeine Withdrawal - Day 1

Sludge. That is the best way to describe the way I feel. Advil for the headache. It works. I have been drinking a ton of water, I had a Kale/Banana smoothie and the hubby got me a huge Frozen Yogurt. I planned to run today, but it rained and I got lazy. I'll get out tomorrow morning - even if I need to walk. Maybe it will help to detox the caffeine faster.

Blogging is just too much effort, so I'm gonna go lay on the couch.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Bill and I went on a date night. Sometimes I think we are going to be the embarrassing parents. Poor Jesse.

Yup, poor Jesse - his parents are nuts.

Life is pretty boring in the training world - I guess that is good. I finally registered for the Turkey Trot in Dana Point. I'll be doing the 10K - Bill is going to do the 5K. This will be a first for me. I am kind of excited to go for a good run to give myself an excuse to eat a ton.

I keep seeing these articles on how to have a healthy Thanksgiving. They show you things to swap, cook lighter, etc. My opinion, Thanksgiving is a free day. So is Christmas. I am not going to worry about butter, flour, sugar, organic, bla, bla, bla...for one day (ok 2 counting Christmas and...well...ok 3 my birthday...and maybe a forth for anniversary - you get the point). I try my best every day to eat healthier - adding in greens, lowering fats, reading ingredients. I actually enjoy it though - it has broadened my palette to better foods. However, some holidays are just untouchable for me. So I won't lose weight for a week or two. Who cares? This whole thing I started was to change my life.

On another note, my caffeine habit has gotten out of control. I swear, I get a grip on one thing and something else goes crazy. I am up to 1 1/2 pots of coffee a day. I hate to admit it, but I am going to have to go through withdrawals - ick. Tomorrow (if it doesn't rain to early) I am going to drink my coffee go for a run and cut out the afternoon coffee. If I need to nap, I'll nap. I am committing to getting rid of the afternoon coffee for the next couple weeks (with the exception of Thanksgiving).

Any suggestions on relief from the withdrawals?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Running in the Wind

So I am still moving along with the push up/squat/sit up goal. I'll get there. I have always been strong. When I was in High School I was the first girl in OC to play JV/Varsity Football. I barely got to play in the games - but I got to play a lot at practice. Football led me to weight training and weight training led me to bulk. Yep - I am that girl who lifts a few weights and starts to build muscle. Back in the good old days in HS (I say that sarcastically - God I am glad I am not there anymore) I could bench press 150 lbs. I remember the day I finally did it - I was so proud of myself. Anyway I have been avoiding strength training because I bulk easily.

Running has made me look at my body as more then just visual though - more then what I want to look like. It makes me look at my body as a vessel. With new perspective in hand the strength training doesn't scare me as much - plus we are just talking calisthenics not full blown pumping iron.

It was a super windy morning and I ain't afraid - so the hubby and I went for a 3 mile run in the wind. It definitely made it tougher - loved it. It has been beautiful here - blue skies, crisp air, a little chilly (my idea of chilly is anything below 70) feels like November. I love having running as an excuse to get outside and feel the weather.

By the way 167 is where I am at. I post it because I am proud of that number. 167 is sucess. When first started to lose weight, my goal was 165. I wish I would have blogged the entire 100 lbs lost - I would have loved to go back and read the progress. I think being above 250 lbs put my helth into perspective...I don't ever have to live that way again, one day at a time.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Days Off

I haven't been writing that much because there really has not been that many things to write about. I pulled a muscle - by the Achilles tendon from the sprints I was doing and so I took about 4 days off. I decided to take some time off when after 2 miles of jogging I was stuck limping home for a mile. I sat on a bus bench stretching knowing I was only a few blocks away but really just wanting to have someone drive me home. It sucked. So I got home, iced it, took a few Advil and decided I needed to ease back into running after I took a few days off.

I went for the first run on Sunday - just planned on 3 easy miles. After 2 I started getting the pain again, so I just walked home. No limping this time. I just started walking at the first ache.

I went down to the beach tonight and did an easy 3 miles again. I ran the whole way. Slow and steady in the beginning, after I was warmed up I picked up some speed. I felt great - no pain! I kept having to tell myself to keep it slow. The last thing I want is to have to take more time off because I pushed myself too hard.

I commit ed to this 6 week challenge I saw posted on Healthy Tipping Point. The goal is to get to 100 push ups and 200 sit ups the site had a goal of 200 Squats so I went with that too. I did the test to see where I was at apparently I rock at squats - I did 50 in a row so I get to start at week 3. I suck at sit ups and push ups. I was only able to do 7 real push ups and 25 crunches I have a long way to go.

As far as my running plan - I have put it on hold. I am just easing back into running. I am just going easy until I am certain I am 100% then back to the plan.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Last night was a blast! I ate way to much and I am refusing to weigh in today - I will own up tomorrow.