Thursday, November 11, 2010

Running in the Wind

So I am still moving along with the push up/squat/sit up goal. I'll get there. I have always been strong. When I was in High School I was the first girl in OC to play JV/Varsity Football. I barely got to play in the games - but I got to play a lot at practice. Football led me to weight training and weight training led me to bulk. Yep - I am that girl who lifts a few weights and starts to build muscle. Back in the good old days in HS (I say that sarcastically - God I am glad I am not there anymore) I could bench press 150 lbs. I remember the day I finally did it - I was so proud of myself. Anyway I have been avoiding strength training because I bulk easily.

Running has made me look at my body as more then just visual though - more then what I want to look like. It makes me look at my body as a vessel. With new perspective in hand the strength training doesn't scare me as much - plus we are just talking calisthenics not full blown pumping iron.

It was a super windy morning and I ain't afraid - so the hubby and I went for a 3 mile run in the wind. It definitely made it tougher - loved it. It has been beautiful here - blue skies, crisp air, a little chilly (my idea of chilly is anything below 70) feels like November. I love having running as an excuse to get outside and feel the weather.

By the way 167 is where I am at. I post it because I am proud of that number. 167 is sucess. When first started to lose weight, my goal was 165. I wish I would have blogged the entire 100 lbs lost - I would have loved to go back and read the progress. I think being above 250 lbs put my helth into perspective...I don't ever have to live that way again, one day at a time.

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