I have only been running since mid 2010. I saw the movie Marathon and was so motivated, I have run several races since, I just have yet to complete the marathon.  I ran the 1/2 Marathon in October in 2:53:46, that race humbled me and proved to me that it was going to be a lot harder then I originally planned.  My goals changed after that race, I still wanted to run the Marathon, but I decided that I wanted to tackle the 1/2 somewhere closer to 2 hours first. 

My plan to get there is to drop some of the extra weight, run more, run faster and use this baby that I got for Christmas (Costco has them on sale for $219.99):

My next 1/2 Marathon is October 9th - in Long Beach.  I plan on being ready to tackle that goal by then.

My first race ever was a mud run:

I did a 5K after that:

Then came the 1/2 that changed everything...

The Turkey the 10K distance, for a beginning slow poke runner like me, I had a great time...

I dig training plans, if you get to know me better, you will see that I like numbers...I can get to be a freak about them, but I really do like having a plan on the calender to stick to.  I have the occasional mishap, but for the most part if it is on there, it will happen.  When I started out, I used the Hal Higdon's Super Novice Training plan, now I have switched over to a combination of that pattern and knowing what my body can take after a long run.

This picture looks like I am trying to say something...I am even wearing a cotton shirt and headphones...things have changed.  I do still wear the leggins under the running shorts mostly since I have a lot of flab on my legs (which the leggings cover) and I am not bold enough to go full fledge with just leggings, so I use the running shorts to cover the they have a handy pocket in the front.

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