Monday, August 12, 2013

Ugly Ass Shoes

First off, I am getting really bad calf cramping.  I ran 10 minutes this morning and turned around to walk back home - it hurt super bad.  As I was walking home, I decided to Google calf cramping and read about it all the way back.  The best article was from Wikihow.  I came home, at a banana, drank a bunch of water and then decided it was time for new shoes. 

So after work I went to the running store.  I have not been to the store for quite some time and I am embarrassed to say that I am still wearing the same shoes and inserts I bought when I was actually putting mileage on my shoes (2 years ago).  I will spare you a picture of the old shoes - let's just say my pigeon toes started to eat the inward tread.  I did the run test and was told I have high arches, flexible ankles (this explains the random ankle twisting and fall), and pronate inward.  All stuff I kind of already knew.  He gave me a Rx for inserts and stability shoes.  I used to run in Brooks and I LOVE Brooks shoes....buuuut....I fell in love with the ugly ass shoes.  I am sorry Brooks, but my new Mizunos are crazy comfy.  They are ridiculously awesome and I love them.  I know they are horrid to look at, but who cares!?!?! 

I am already a full blown mess when I run.  I go early in the morning (5/6ish) , so I have an old band t-shirt, leggings, a green Kauai trucker cap, and makeup from the day before, I am fortunate that I never forget the sports bra.... and now I have these ridiculously ugly shoes to go along with all that hotness.  I'm sexy and I know it.  I think a picture of all that hotness will definitely be in your future. 


Thursday, August 1, 2013

8 Minutes

My training plan had me scheduled to run 5 minutes, walk 3 minutes, run 8 minutes, walk 5 minutes and then run another 5 minutes.  It has been so long since I have been able to put together 8 minutes...I freaked - the longest I had run was 6 minutes, and by then I though I was going to die.  It has been that way for a couple weeks since I have been duplicating my workouts on the training plan, trying to take it easy on my ankle (which had a light sprain from the fall).  I have been worrying about running for 8 minutes for the past couple days.  Finally I though I will at least try, if I don't make it I can walk for a couple seconds and keep at it.  I did it!!

Its amazing to me that I can put together that amount of time - it makes me feel like I can get there again and very soon!