About Me

I am a wife of 7 years and a mom of a little guy who was born 1/17/09.  These are my boys:

On the day Jesse was born, I decided I could not leave him and go back to work...I mean, look how cute he was....

I also decided I was too big and something had to be done. During my pregnancy I put on a whopping 100 lbs. I was on bed rest most of the pregnancy and I had an addiction to hamburgers and Mexican food.  For me, gaining all that weight was uncomfortable - I felt trapped inside my body.  To all you naysayers who say it was the pregnancy, 30 lbs would have been reasonable (or healthier), 100 pounds in 9 months is major!! 

This is me now...

And this....

I get to hang with this little man all day long:

I lost the 100 lbs I put on from pregnancy (thank God) with portion control, breastfeeding, and good old fashioned working out.

I am now working towards the goal of a marathon.  A marathon for me is a pretty lofty goal considering that I just started running May 2010.  I thought it was going to be a lot easier then it is - I thought I was going to be ready a while ago (based on traing plans).  Running is challenging and piling on the miles when you have a million other things to do is just crazy.  I really enjoy it though.  I still have some weight to lose to get to where I want to be, but I am slowly working towards that through running and watching what I eat.
I live in the great OC California - and like everyone else here, I take for granted the great weather and beautiful coastlines.  I forget that I live in a vacation destination.

Why am I writing this blog? I am hoping to be accountable to anyone who will listen and I am enjoying looking back on the ups and downs of my life. Honestly I have no idea, I just one day started writing, forgot about it and then picked it up again, now I can't stop.