Thursday, May 5, 2011

Forever and a Day

So I admit, it has been forever since my last post. I have been reading everyones stuff - just no comments since I have been reading posts on my Android through the Google Reader app. Posting really started to dwindle when I got sick and my running went downhill. Then my work increased and I started looking for a Preschool for Jesse. I found one - he starts next week!! I completely flopped on OC Marathon (the race I really wanted to run) - I was not training and so I took a big pass.

So I have been at the beginning of running again for the past 2 weeks. Last week I just did Jillian and Turbo Jam video's, this week I am still doing the videos, and adding 1 mile of running on the TM. I have no plan, but the goal is to run a 5K in anywhere close to 27 minutes. I am focusing on shorter faster runs, since my work has really picked up and time is limited. Also, it seems more attainable - I have it stuck in my mind that if I can make it to that goal with a faster time, running the 1/2 Marathon in a quicker time will be easier.

I want to train faster - with a smaller goal in mind it seams more attainable.

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