Sunday, March 6, 2011

Colorful Food

So yesterday was a big day for me, 6 miles (the longest I have run in quite a while) and then a day with the family. I bairly pulled off 6 miles -there was a bit of run/walking in the end - that is why my time is so slow - whatever, I did it.

I discovered I need to run outside more or add hills into my treadmill workout - some of the hills in the backbay were killing me. It has been a while since I have done a long run out there. So I am pretty sore today and I will be purchasing a yoga DVD very soon to undo the soreness.

I have been running with my old shoes lately and I have noticed that the shin splints and calf pain is gone. Go figure. So I will be going back to the shoe store to get my old shoes again. That's what I get for venturing out of my shoe brand. Brooks are for me.

On the food front, I have noticed a couple things in taking pictures of food (1) I have a bar addiction that I need to get under control and (2) the food I make for myself is very bla. These are pictures of food that I ate at restaraunts for my birthday this week:

That last picture, is not so good since I demolished my beatiful fish before I took a picture of it. Ok so now that you have seen supper yummy food with flavor explosions in every bite, let's take a look at some of the things I have made for myself this week:

The most colorful thing I have made for myself was this - and even when I look at it now, I want it:

High Maintenance Makeover:
  1. This week I will choose one meal each day and make it as colorful and visually appealing as possible.
  2. I am getting my hair cut and colored (no more bleach blonde) - thank you mom and dad!
  3. I will purchase 1 >$20 accessory that is NOT black.

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