Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yoga Morning

Is it just me or is Yoga booooooriing.....super yawn.  It does make me feel better though, so I will just push on.  I was super sore yesterday but decided to go out and do my run/walk app yesterday any way.  It was a total fail.  I am supposed to be up to 5 minutes of running and I kept having to stop halfway through.  This might be because I have been run/waling more days a week then the app says (3 days a week is not enough for me).  So today I took off and did some Yoga in the morning instead....bleck.

BTW I could only find one of my compression socks from the good old days and now I have one leg that feels ok and the other not so much.  Call me lopsidesy.  I guess that proves that they actually do work!  I bought a new pair on is just painful to dish out 40 bucks for a pair of socks.

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