Friday, December 31, 2010

Goals and Resolutions

Man I am super out of shape. I went for a quick 2 miles in the backbay and...well...lets just say I had to walk a couple times. It took me

So I think I have finished the plan for my resolutions. Its kind of complex so, I am apologizing up front. I made a huge list of areas to improve upon in 2011. I split them up into 9 sections; work, reading, Bill (the husband), Jesse (the son), running, weight, blog, nutrition, and spiritual. Once I looked over my goals, I figured a plan of attack. I needed a training plan. I also decided I needed to see completion quicker then a year. So I split them up into quarters - which is why I am not sharing the entire list (it would bore you to death anyways).

Quarter 1 Projects
My job - either find a new one or accept things the way they are
Business Plan - I have been promising Bill a business plan for over a year now (I started it, but never finished) he has a window cleaning business that needs organization and I have a business degree - I just like to know I am getting paid for work (I know it will pay off in the long run)
Complete client database - another promise to Bill...I set up a database for him and started entering clients, but I HATE data entry and well never finished
Read a book a month - after college, I stopped reading
Organize finances - I have been paying willy nilly - no idea where we are at or should be I need to get back on track
Blogs - comment more and post more pictures, I have a habit of reading and not commenting - I know its valuable to me so

I am a list person, if its on the list I will get it done for the sake of crossing it off. So the calender that I got for Christmas has my miles and date night schedule until the end of March. The top of the calender has projects for the month

Quarter 1 Plan
Schedule date night once a week - we drop the ball on date night all the time
Running - train for a 1/2 marathon (May 1st OC Marathon and half) My goal time is anything under 2 hrs

I will be attacking the daily goals by putting them on my post-it list for the day until they become a habit.

Quarter 1 Daily Goals:
Eat better - to me this means more vegetables, whole foods, etc. I have a tendency to go towards anything pre-packaged and pre-made.
Pray - I have gotten lost in daily life and my relationship with God is weak
Listen to 1 Bible teaching on the radio/podcast (baby steps - I'll get back to daily's and Bible reading)
Jesse - read bible stories - I need to start to teach him

So tonight we will be hooking up our new surround sound and watching Iron Man 2 (never saw it). I am getting excited about the new journey for this year!!

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