Monday, December 13, 2010


Yup, I have been missing because I have been backsliding. I HATE running with the stroller - It sucks. A small part of the reason I enjoy running is the freedom. The freedom of movement, not having to babysit (I am a stay at home mom - I babysit all day long), being outside, feeling our weather (California is the best), etc. So I have not wanted to run. I don't have a treadmill and never wanted one...until now. I might actually invest in one after this.

After about 3 weeks of backsliding, (really it started since the half - but at least I was running more), I have come to the conclusion (since I am like 7 pounds heavier and my jeans are getting tight) I am just going to have to suck it up and learn how to run in the dark. I get scared running in the dark (too many Bones episodes)and I can't run with my headphones (I have an Ipod addiction), so I went down to the running store and purchased some pepper spray and a little light to clip on myself - those safety vests seemed a little much.

I got out of bed at 5:30am and got out the door at about 6:00am - seriously the hardest part for me was getting up and out the door. I am a little embarrassed to post this, but I ran for 17 minutes and decided that was it for today. I am sure I'll get my mileage back up again, I just need to get my butt out the door every day. I have no training plan this week - my plan is just to get used to getting out the door everyday. Running has taught me about consistency and slow progression to success.


  1. This reminds me - I haven't done my annual night running post.

    Even though you may think those relflective vess are dorky - do get one. In our area I think the worst thing that we face is getting hit - by a bike! The more you are seen the better chance you stand. Whre do you run after dark? I've done the Backbay. I think the area from the Y south along Irvine and into Westcliff is pretty safe.

  2. Yup - those bikers fly by me all the time, it always freaks me out. So does running in the back bay in the dark...I always feel like something is going to come out of the bushes. Most of the time its just rabbits, but I get all panicky. I know, I need to toughen up! I usually run around East Side Costa Mesa - that is where I live, so I just leave from my front door. I have to run on the street - the sidewalks are not always dependable and their are a ton of driveways. I might consider a vest...but man they are dorky - I already have my dorky lights and pepper spray.