Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rain and Races

So Cal has been hit with "Storm watch 2010" : ) I could have used the rain as an excuse not to go running...but I didn't. I waited for a break in the rain this morning and then went out in it. Then of course it rained. No biggie. It did suck a little, but at least I got out - which was my goal this week. It took me about 35 minutes to finish 3 miles - I am starting to believe in muscle memory! I am sure I will get back to my 30 min 3 mile runs next week.

So, next weeks goal will be to run 3/3/3/4.

I am trying to pick a race to run. I seem to do much better when I have a race to train for. I think I started too late for Huntington Beach (Feb)...I might be able to pull off the hilly OC Half Marathon in May...but I feel like that is really far out. I read about the San Diego Zoo half marathon in March - which is a perfect amount of time...but I'd like to do something more local. I might just do it since it is me and my mom's birthday/Bill's birthday/our anniversary month and that might be a cool vacation for the Bill and me combo. No decisions yet though, just gathering information first.

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  1. About the Back Bay being closed - it's the East Side that gets closed. Mud and water generally closes it.

    Are you looking for a half? If not, the Spirit Run over at Fashion Island in March is decent (5K, 10K). At least it's close! Also - check out Race Place for race listings.