Thursday, December 30, 2010


I have been thinking a lot about my goals for the up and coming year. I have always loves setting my resolutions, even though for the most part I have always sucked at keeping them. I think putting them in writing and telling you folks will make it a tad more formal.

I re-read my first post. I went with a motto instead of an attainable goal. Balance and moderation; how did I do? Well you be the judge.

There are things from this year that I have picked up that have become helpful to me. I think I will have to continue to strive for balance and moderation this year...I think it will be a lifetime goal for a person like me. It is in my blood to become overly obsessed about things. Right now running seems to help with the craziness, so I will continue.

This blog does not get a ton of traffic, I have not really tried to create it though. But it is important to me. I feel close to the people who do comment and the people I follow, in a weird virtual way. Thank you guys. Even with the small amount of people who read it, I am amazed at how much it helps me to be accountable, vent, get answers, and find realizations. On the flip side, reading everyone else's blogs has become a major hobby and passion. I am learning so much about leading a healthy lifestyle, its not the kind of stuff you can find in a diet book - its real live people striving to make changes, succeeding...and failing - its real. I have been trying recipes, exercises, advice etc from others and some I will take, some I will leave...but it has opened me up to new things and that is what matters. I will continue.

As far as life in general, ie work, marriage, kids, etc....I did not really make any changes to that last year. I think I would like to make some resolutions in those areas as well.

I am sure there is going to be a ton of goals for this year, I like to aim high. I'll have them all formalized tomorrow.


  1. Let's keep each other accountable in 2011. Deal?

  2. You got it Glenn! I have been putting together the plan of attack all morning!