Monday, October 4, 2010

12 Miles in the Bag

So we completed the 12 miles - unbelievable. I made that shake again, but I added a couple handfuls of oats this time to bulk it up a bit (I didn't want to get hungry again). It is a pretty yummy shake, it reminds me of honey nut cheerios. We hit the beach again. I forgot to mention, I got a water belt. I tried it out on the 10 mile run and hated it. I love that everything is handy, but it was heavy on one side and it jiggled, so 3 miles into last weeks long run, I handed it to the hubby to wear. He wore it this time too. If you guys have any suggestions for carrying stuff on long runs, I am open. I ran out of Gu this time too and opted for sticking with Gatorade - I think I like it better. I took their Prime packages with me and drank it on about mile 5 (I know your supposed to take it before, but I had the smoothie so I figured I could replace my Gu with it). Then I drank mostly Gatorade all the way through, I needed water at one point. I have to say, I am a bigger fan of Gatorade then Gu - the Prime stuff is wet and when I am thirsty, the Gu sticks to my mouth. I think I might make the switch.

This time seemed much easier then the 10 mile run. It might have been the weather - last Monday was ridiculously hot, even at night. Last night was cold - ahhhh. It might have been my attitude too. I read a chapter in the Marathon book by Hal Higdon (not the novel) and some lady said she counted every step she took with her left foot to get her through. I realize I wasn't running the marathon last night, but this is the first time I have EVER run this far, so I had to count the last mile. It worked. I will be doing that again.

One more thing - I did the ice bath thing that all the bloggers rave about. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I could stand about 3 minutes max of that - how do you stay in there for 10 minutes? Not doing that again, I will stick with my ice packs and Advil thank you very much.

So Jesse and I are going to San Diego with my mom, my sister and her kids - I will be back in a few days with lots of pictures!


  1. ICE ICE baby. Not enjoyed?! ;)

    YAY on 12!! Awesome.

  2. Nice job on 12 miles... it's a big deal! On long runs I carry one of the hand held water bottles. They even have a little zipper pocket for treats :) When I trained for my marathon I drand watered down G2, and on marathon day I drank the stuff they handed out at the water tables (straight gatorade) I ended up with a bad case of heart burn... not fun! Just something to keep in mind as you train.

    I'm not a fan of ice baths either, but I like to stand outside with the hose on my legs. We pay a flat rate for water here, so that my not be realistic where you live.

  3. Great job Nikki! Sounds like you're ready for this upcoming weekend!

    Have you looked into Nicole's idea of hand held water bottles? I use them on longer trail runs. They have little pockets that you can use to stash gels, etc.

    Also - instead of taking an ice bath - the next time you run at the beach just run on down and take a dunk in the ocean afterwards. Not quite as effective at flushing the acid out of your muscles, but it does work and is a lot more fun than sitting in a tub full of ice!

    Also - if you're interested - some of us will be meeting for dinner Saturday night around 6PM or so. We'd love to have you join us! Drop me a line if you're interested.

  4. Hey Guys! I saw those bottles at the store and opted for the belt - I'll go back and get the hand held and see how that works. I don't want to carry too much during the race though since I haven't tested it yet though. We did the ocean thing when we ran in the AM but we have been running in the PM and it is a little creepy to go in the ocean in the dark : )

    I wish I could meet up with you guys on boss is having his annual Halloween party that night and its a really big shindig (we do it every year). I already told him we are leaving early though....more on my post.