Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Plan

Eating today has been a total wash. Last night I had Mexican food. I am such a sucker for it. Good Mexican food in Southern California is so easy to find, and there just happens to be one down the street from my house. I got a chicken soft taco but I ate the beans and chips. Oh well. This morning I ate pumpkin bread, pop chips, toast, and this lentil and qeenwa (don't know spelling)- that is about the healthiest thing I have eaten today.

So I have a new plan I put together on my own with the help of Runners World and Hal Higdon. I think this plan will fit me better based on my history. I know it seems wishy washy, but I am still learning and after testing the waters on the Runners World plan I can tell it is a tad too advanced for me. So, this is gonna be the game plan for my sub 2 hour Half Marathon in February.

I am gonna weigh myself tomorrow, even after the junk food fest so wish me luck!


  1. So spill the beans. Where was the restaurant? I'm always on the lookout for good Mexican Food. Mi Casa is a family favorite, but they use way too much cheese....

    Your plan looks good. Keep your long runs slow and easy and you'll do fine.

  2. I have been racking my brain for the name of it Glenn - it is a little hole in the wall, but a very clean is on Newport Blvd next to Starbucks...the one next to the fairgrounds. When I figure it out I'll send it over. Mi Casa is good - I still haven't found a replacement for Marios in Huntington Beach (we moved from there a year ago). MMMM Marios - I can blame most of my weight gain on beans EVER - and the salsa mmmm - fresh chips. It was walking distance from our old house. I am currently trying to talk the hubby into going. I'll do a full report if we ever go back!