Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First Day at the Track

So today was my very first day at the track (since like High School - which was about 14 yrs ago - eek). I decided to go to OCC which worked out well since they acomidate the public. I had so much fun. I LOVE running fast. I don't know why but I just adore it. Just an FYI - "fast" is really not that fast. It was so different then plugging along - which I also adore. This training plan is very differnt then Hal Higdon's milage increase, but I think I am going to like it.

This was the workout today:

1x1200 Pace Intervals which I am targeting a 9 min mile pace, I did it in 9:39 - I wasn't too sure what a 9 min mile felt like so I started out running too fast and then had to stop to get a drink 3/4 into the mile...this time includes the stop(400 meter recovery)
2x800 Cruise Intervals which equals 4:16 target for 2 times around the track (200 meter recovery). I ended up only doing 400 meters, but I stuck the timing at aound 2 minutes each lap.
4x200 Speed Intervals which is 1:01 target (200 meter recovery). I was able to do ALL of these at target pace.


By the way - I entered in this give away at Run Eat Repeat. I am linking for the double entry!


  1. YAY on the track run!!

    [and I hope you win the give-a-way] ;)

  2. Track workouts are really the charm when you have a specific time goal - as you appear to do next February. I hope the workouts continue to be as "fun" as this one was.

  3. Are you running with Snail's pace? Don't tey have Tuesdy night track workouts? I'm looking for a new running club....

  4. Thanks guys!! I have been loving the speed training - it is just hard.

    Glenn - I was running with the Road Runner group they meet every Monday and Wednesday (let me know if you want the contact - I might even be able to meet you there), I stopped when my mileage got longer and my time to run is always sporadic so I just go morning or night whenever I can. I would like to get into a club since I am just learning from you guys and the Internet.