Saturday, October 16, 2010


Ok so I am getting so nervous about tomorrow. Whats funny is I always get nervous before attempting my long runs - since almost every long run has been a "first." Now I have double the excitement and anticipation for the race tomorrow. All of the logistics, doubts, fears, etc. are running though my head. If I told you everything it would be a very long blog and I would get nothing done. On top of it I have my bosses party tonight, I am still hanging on to my cold and I am in the middle of a new system integration at work aaaaa!! Once I start running tomorrow I think everything will be better. Funny how a run can make everything better.

So we went to the Expo yesterday and Bill was super excited to meet one of the Gladiators, Nitro - kinda cool.

I also bought a 8oz hand held water bottle. I know you are not supposed to try things out on race day but I figure I'll just empty it out if it bothers me - or I'll give it to Bill.

We went out for the traditional pasta after the Expo - Hal Higdon says to carb load 2 days before and then the day before eat lightly so you don't have to run with a full load - if ya know what I mean ; ) I am gonna take his advice on that one since I am not a public restroom pooper - I hate it.

Anyways, I am gonna take a quick nap, pin our numbers on our shirts and finish the laundry. Wish me luck!

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