Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back in Business

So ok it has been like forever since my last post. I know, I suck. I had some work things to straighten out - I am good now, back to working (and getting paid), then the family got the flu, and this week I concentrated on getting back on track with running. I ran 3 miles 3 times and then 5 on Saturday - all using the rickety old treadmill from the 90's.

Our garage is messy right now - I just block it out when I run (we are in garage sale mode so don't judge). I have really been into the whole treadmill thing - I have been choosing it over running outside lately. I like watching my time and all the numbers - plus I can run while Jesse naps and at night. The only major issue with the old TM is the noise it makes, it is super loud when you turn it on, thank God my headphones drowned it out, I just worry about what my neighbors are hearing, so I try to be respectful and only run before 8pm.

This week has been better nutrition-wise - I am back to watching what I eat (I fell off the wagon over the holidays and have been sucking ever since).

I leave you with this cute little face:

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