Monday, February 28, 2011

Day One: Food

So taking pictures of everything I ate today, gave me a perspective that I never noticed. You know how I mentioned yesterday that I generally eat pretty healthy? Well, I have noticed how much processed food has creeped into my's amazing!! Those little bars are my favorite snack - anything in bar form works for me. So the bar habit has got to decrease a tad.

So breakfast was a Cliff Bar and 3 cups of coffee (I drink it black so I figured I didn't need to post it). Breakfast might be a good area to look at changing up, since just eating the Cliff bar and coffee, I got super hungry by snack time.

This is what I ate when I got super hungry at about 10ish:

Then came lunch, when I took a picture of this, I realized - yes everything on my plate was low calorie or "diet" food, but it was missing color. I had Pop chips, a Morning Star burger on 100 calorie bread and Yogurt. I think my lunch needed some veggies or fruit, I think the reason I reached for the pre-made stuff was that I was hungry all of this stuff was already in the fridge. Perhaps I need to pre-wash/chop all of my fruit and veggies to have them more easily accessible.

Afternoon snack....another bar, Fiber Bars are my just should not eat more then one within a 24 hour period...bad binging on the Fiber Bars.

And here is where it went all wrong. This is the last of the Goldfish, we will not be purchasing these anymore.

Dinner is where I get all of my vegetable requirements for the day. I love to have a huge salad.

After dinner snack was...guess what? Another bar and Jolly Ranchers - my treat...even though I seemed to have several other treats throughout the day.

Well, that was painful. Apparently, my goal of eating less processed food is not working. Tomorrow, I am going to add more calories to breakfast, more color to lunch and more protein to dinner.
No working out today...just stretching for tomorrow.

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