Sunday, February 27, 2011

High Maintenance Part Dos

It has been about a week since my last post and my choppers are getting pearly white - like I never drank a cup of coffee. I have 2 more white strips to go until I am finished. So success on my teeth transformation!!

This week I really sucked at working out. I was worried about the shin splints and calf pain (in the back of my calves) - so I just took it easy. In addition to taking it easy on the running, I took it easy on the eating better part to. Those two seem to go hand in hand for me...the more I work out, the better I eat. This weekend I went old school and did a Tai Boe workout from back in the days, and the next day I ran a mile on the old mill and then did a Jillian Shred workout. So I am planning on running 2x's this week and doing videos the rest of the week - in hopes the lower impact combo will help my shins go back to normal and still allow me to get cardio+strength in.

I have noticed how wishy washy I have been with my goals and I am realizing, I need to make things a little shorter term (with the exception of races). This week in my mission to becoming more "high maintenance" I am going to post everything I eat, in order to take inventory and cause me to be more thoughtful of what I am putting in my mouth. I think the main problem of me not losing weight at this point is the thoughtless eating and constant snacking. Having a toddler, we have to have little snacks around for him, Goldfish, Wheat Thins, Pop Chips, cereal, etc. Just my luck, I love the toddler snacks - I could probably live off of Goldfish. I generally eat pretty healthy with the exception of toddler snacks and "celebration" food (cake). It's my mom and my birthday this week - so cake on my birthday will happen - just sayin - and I will post my piece.

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