Tuesday, September 7, 2010


The other day Glenn posted that he was having a "Craptastic" day. I on the other hand had a crap run, there was no tastic about it. I wouldn't even call it a run since I really only ran 1/2 of the way. I walked about 1.5 miles out of the 3. I have noticed that sometimes I just have a crap time running. It is like I have weights on my legs and I feal like I am clumping along. It really sucks...it is, well, crap.

I am hoping that tomorrow I don't crap out in the midle of my 4 mile team run. Any suggestions? Am I just destined to crap days where running is just not going to happen?


  1. Two things - (1) that's why they call it training; (2) slow down.

    Many think that evry training run is a bttw run. That is not the case. Bttw (balls to the wall) is for race day. On training days you get the most beneft by elevating your hear range to an aerobic level (you should be able to carry a conversation) and holding it there for the prescribed distance/period of time. Bottom line is don't kill yourself. Slow down and have fun. The benefit is better cardio/aerobic conditioning so you *can* run bttw on race day!

  2. Thanks Glenn! I always get discouraged when this happens.