Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Show and Tell

So I went for my 4 mile run tonight. I went out to the Newport Beach Backbay, a little under a mile from my house. Of course I drove there since I wanted to spend my entire running time at the Backbay. I decided that I was going to take pictures of this run since it was such a lovely night. This is me driving to my destination, I was trying to drive and take the picture, so my aim was a little off - think of this as my "Before" picture:

This is the lovely trail that I ran back and forth on:

Ok, so here is my disclaimer on this picture. I hate this hill, I dread this hill, I am finally running this hill, but I still hate it with all my heart. When I say these words, you are probably assuming it is some massive hill and it is - to me. When I took the picture, it looked so small, I am starting to feel silly.

This is just the lovely view - man it is awesome. It really doesn't matter how much I go back there - I never get sick of the Backbay.

And this is me after 4 miles. Yup, "After." I think I will file this picture under "Do not post on Facebook." It was dark out by then and I was trying to be stealth taking a picture of myself in the car - even as the flash went off. I can only imagine what the passers by thought.

Oh and just for picture's sake, I got my little man his first potty over the weekend. He seemed to think it was a toy....after all Elmo is on it!


  1. Hi Nikki! It looks like a great place to run. Don't worry ALL hill look smaller in the photos!

    Congrats on taking up a healthy lifestyle. Running will do so many amazing things for you. Wow just starting out and aiming for a marathon already. Did you have a target marathon in mind? I hope you follow a good training plan being so new to running.

    Thanks for joining my little journey running through life! I love to hear from everyone. Older runners, new runners everyone has something to share. Ask questions if you need anything advice or offer any opinions you might want to share. I hope we can encourage each other along life's way. Embrace your Thursday!

  2. Thanks Shelly! I am already loving the benefits of running! I know it is a pretty lofty goal - but "go big or go home" right? :) I want to run the Huntington Beach Marathon in Feb 2011. It gives me plenty of time (I hope) to train. I am 15 weeks in to Hal Higdon's Super Novice training schedule. I have about 5 different books that I am reading - to help, and I am reading everyon's blogs - I try and go from the beginning. I love hearing everyone's stories! I am still making a ton of mistakes though - there is a lot to learn about.

    I look forward to reading all of your posts, from begining to present!

  3. I know that hill well! The worst part about that one is that when you get up and over it, there are still a couple of little humps before you get to the church. It's funny how cameras seem to flatten the terrain out.

  4. YES!! It is such a bummer! My least favorite hill is the one on the other side of the Backbay - I swear it is practically straight up! Niether of them are even close to Mt Baldy though!