Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Know I Already Posted Today...

But I had to share. We took pictures from the run today. Man I love living in California, it pretty much rocks! We have the best weather and the beaches - gotta love it! The run with the group was a little unorganized tonight, but still fun. Bill and Jesse came along with me and had a great time.

This was Jesse getting ready to go for his ride, he's pretty cute huh?:

This is Jesse and Bill. I caught Bill in a hunch-back streach of some sort - he looks kindof silly:

These are me in all my running glory...I take a pretty good picture when I am running ;)

This is my back (incase you were wondering). You can really see how pigeon toed I am in this one:

And these are just some of my lovely pictures:

And this is Jesse when we set him free from his ride:


  1. It looks so beautiful to run on that nice path... Whenever I think of CA I imagine lots of people dodging on runs, but it's didn't look like too many people were out.

  2. Sometimes it is pretty busy there - the summer is the worst. I think all the kids are getting ready to go back to school now, so it was pretty mellow. On the run back, the sun was setting on the beach, amazing!!

  3. Oh yeah I imagine with all the tourists is could get really busy. It's intersting how my peoples schedules change when school starts. I know at work my "rush times" change during the school year. Nice job on the 7 miles today!