Friday, September 24, 2010

Things to Think About

Ok so I am getting a tad nervous about going for the 10 tomorrow. I have my clothes laid out, I have yet to put together a new playlist for my Ipod and I am thinking about what I am going to think about tomorrow for a little under 2 hours. I figured what better way to think about it then to write it out as a list so here goes:

1. Things to do with Jesse
2. Places I would like to go on date with my hubby
3. What I would wear if I lost 20 lbs
4. What I would wear on a date with my hubby
5. Things to cook for the week
6. Sunday afternoon naps (with the windows open: sun coming in and breeze blowing through...aaaa...the best
7. Work
8. Plan out my backyard
9. Plan my week out
10. What the 1/2 marathon is going to be like
11. Pinapple (I know it sounds silly, but it got me through last week's last mile)

I'll write my list on the inside of my hands and look down at them when I need something to think about.

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