Monday, September 13, 2010

Next Time

I will make sure before I go out the door that (1) I am wearing a sports bra and (2)I had a glass of water. Yeah, so I was doing my 3 mile run tonight and I was out about a quarter mile when I noticed I was wearing the wrong bra (sorry boys - you can skip this part). Well I know I am running and all but I am still lazy. So lazy that I made the corporate decision to run in that bra and not turn around. Bad idea - I will spare you the details. So my laziness kicks in around the thirst thing too: By the end of mile 1 I realize that I am thirsty, by the end of 2 I decide that I am very, very thirsty and blocks from my house, I realize that I am going to barf if I don't get some water. I think my throat was so dry it was making me queasy. All of this time, I am probably a quarter mile off course if I head for a water fountain. Do I go? Of course not. Lazy, lazy, lazy. Lessons learned on that one.

On a side note (I love side notes - I can't stop) I was running a drunk guy on a bicycle complimented me on my hair...he said it pretty creepily, but hey it must be great if a drunk guy on a bike likes it right?? God, should I change it back?? Nahhh...

1 comment:

  1. You weren't too lazy. You got out there and did your 3 miles.

    Compliments are good no matter where they come from.