Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Work. Work. Work.

First of all - really cool stuff! I was reading my blog to my hubby last night, he says he would rather me read it to him. I have been thinking I am writing to myself the past few weeks...but I scrolled down and saw comments! I know, you may think I am being lame, but I was excited to know that I am not completely alone on this journey. Thank you for your support Glenn and Nicole!!

Bare with me on this next paragraph, I was getting bored rereading it - but it is my life and what is going on:

The past couple days I have had to attend some work functions. Back when I first had Jesse and decided I could not leave him, I left my work - the one I worked all crazy at - they asked if I could work on certain things from home for them. I love them and I have a great boss, so of course I was ecstatic that they asked me. So I am kind of a contractor/consultant for them. Anyhow, all of the HR Managers (I worked in the HR department) flew down this week for a meeting. I got to do a schpeel on my stuff and I got to listen to others. Interesting to me, probably not to you...long story short, I have been busy with them for the past 2 days and no time to run. I have however stuck to my diet - whatever that may be. We had a team event at Dave and Busters and I ended up ordering soup and endaname beans while everyone ate their super yummy foods. I made sure to pack all my snacky stuff so I wouldn't grab any of their junk food (they always have all sorts of goodies to keep you going at these events).

Running team tonight at 6:10...I am really getting excited about it. This is the picture they took from last week. Can you see me?

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