Monday, September 6, 2010

Resting on Labor Day

So today was a rest day for me - thank God since my legs were super tired. Yesterday was supposed to be my cross training day an I decided to pick one of the workouts from Fitness Channel On Demand that TWC offers on my DVR. I wanted to do the Jackie Werner(sp?) workout, but they took off the hour long one. I checked out Jillean, but all they had was her level 1. I found some other lady on there and decided to take a gamble - it was 1 hour long and it had strength training. Whoever she was, she killed me. When I started out, she had me doing some silly dance moves and then I was doing ballet stuff and then it got harder and harder. I actually had sweat dripping down my face - I don't even get that sweaty when I run! Pretty gross, but I loved it.

So today I am super lazy. I actually took a 3 hour nap and I watched Raising Arizona. It has been years since I saw it and it is even funnier the second time. I remember thinking it was stupid the first time, but I was pretty young. I retract any bad comments I made on that movie - it was hillarious!

I wish I took pictures of my food today because it was so yummy! I always forget to take a picture because I am always hungry and just want to eat. I guess I get caught up in the moment - thank God I am not a food blogger. Anyways, I made a greek chicken salad (hummus, fresh basil, feta cheese, chicken, and onions) I put it on top of spinach and toasted some pita bread. Yes, this will be a repeat lunch/dinner. For dinner I went to this place called Hosum Bistro it is one of my favorite places to eat. Then I went to Starbucks and got my new addiction the Pumkin Spice Latte with soy. I need to google the calories on that one...I am putting it though, I figure as long as I don't know it doesn't count :)

So now I am cafinated, catching up on reading everyone's blogs, and watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000 - not my choice, but still funny.

Today was a success, I successfully completed 3 loads of laundry, nap time, movie watching, eating, and vegging out.


  1. I haven't seen that movie in SO long... it's never on TV. Thanks goodness it's finally pumpkin latte time of the year :)

  2. I'll keep my eyes peeled for you at Ho Sum. We make it there for dinenr every now and then - but usually only when the line at Mama D's is too long...

  3. Hey Glenn - what is Mama D's? I have never been there.