Sunday, August 8, 2010

3 Miles, 2 New Books and a Box of Gu

So I got up and ran 3 miles before church this morning. Not bad, a little slow and tired from yesterday though. On my schedule it says to cross train on Sundays - I never do that, I always end up running. I heard on a podcast that if you want to run faster then you need to run faster. So that is what i attempted to do today. Mile 1 was about 7:30 then mile 2 was about 11 and mile 3 I am guessing 12-13. So I went out too fast, but at least I know I am capable of being faster...I just need to pick it up on my other miles. I will keep trying.

So I got Hal Higdon's Marathon Training book, since I am following his schedule, I figure I should read his book. I have only gotten a little ways in and it seems pretty good. I also got a book on running nutrition, since I am still about 20 lbs overweight. I am hoping to rid myself of those 20 lbs with the running and diet change - fingers and toes crossed.

I also got my box of Gu, since I run first thing in the morning, I don't want to eat and wait an hour - I just want to go. I find myself getting hungry on the longer runs. Also, the extra caffine should get me out earlier since I am waiting for the coffee to brew and then settle in my stomach. We shall see if this magical Gu will be the thing that makes me an olympic runner. I will have to wait till Tuesday though since Monday is my rest day. Ahhh, a day of sleaping in and not getting up at the butt crack of dawn...I will miss running though. Oh well, night, night.

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