Saturday, August 7, 2010

Holy Canoli!

6 miles is quite a long way. I finished it in a little over an hour - I forgot to set my watch until about a mile into it, so that is my best guess. I decided to have yogurt and coffee before I left, of course I waited 30 minutes after I ate. I should have waited the required hour, next time. When I started out, I was thinking to my self that I should just run the 4 miles and be done with it. Then I reminded myself that I posted it on FB and I didn't want to look like a total looser, so I would have to finish it.

Hills suck. I hate hills, there is one hill in particular that I hate the most. I have been able to run it for the past 2 months. When I started, I would walk it. I am always left completely winded when I am done...the sucky thing was that I was totaly winded at about 1.5-2 miles on course. It was pretty discouraging.

About 1/2 way in I ended up walking for a small amount of time and picked it back up again. I looped to my house, drank some water I left on the driveway and went on for the second half of my run. I have to say, the second half was way easier then the first. It was lik evrything loosened up and I was doing pretty good. I had to walk for a block a couple times, but I got the move on pretty quickly.

I am not super stoked about it, but I am proud that I finished. I wish I would have pushed through, but I think I did pretty good.

Next week I have all 3 milers, so it should be pretty painless. I think I might work some speed training in to get my 3 milers a littler quicker then what they are right now.

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