Monday, August 23, 2010

Rest Day

Yesterday's Tae Bo was great. I can remember post-running days when I could only make it 1/2 way through. I think the farthest I got on that video was 45 minutes. Yesterday I finished it and was ready for more! Crazy. It really made me feel confident in my progress.

On other news, the new shoes are still on my feet (yes, I take them off when I sleep). I have noticed how high my arches are when I take them off and walk around bare footed. Muscles that haven't been sore before feel like they are being worked and my feet are more tired then usual. My thoughts are that I am just adjusting to the change in posture/foot positioning. I think I will really feel the difference next week.

When I bought the shoes, the gal who helped me told me about a running club they have (it is free). I told her I was interested and got my email yesterday. They work out Mon and Wed, but I am committing to Wednesday with the group, starting this week.

Other then that it is a boring rest day and I can't wait to get out tomorrow to get back on track!

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