Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I went out today after a day of rest for my 3 miles and I am back to square one. I had to limp back for 1.5 miles since halfway out I realized it was not getting better. I am at a total loss. I had a day off from 3-2-3 miles...not even that grueling, even for me.

So I am starting to doubt myself in this whole marathon goal. I know I can do it, but will I be able to train in time for the HB Marathon? I am also worried about the LB Half Marathon, will I be ready in time?

Bill told me to take a day off again, but I am afraid of losing all of the endurance I built up. I realize it is just one day, but I did this last week. You may think I am completely nuts when I say, I plan on doing Yoga tonight and then tomorrow morning and then going for a 2 mile run, just to see if that helps. Maybe I am not warming up enough and my muscles need more stretching, the Yoga last week seemed to help. I feel like I need to see if this will work since going off my schedule this much is really going to throw off my goal.

Why is it that some days I am so stoked to go running and it feels terrific and other days it feels like crap?

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