Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ouch Pain

I was supposed to do 3 miles today - per Hal Higdon's Super Novice marathon training. "Supposed" to meant 2 miles....I was in so much pain by mile to I had to hobble to my car. Once I sat down in my car, I thought I was going to cry. I think I have shin splints on one leg and this is embarrassing, but I have pain in the groin/inner thigh region on the other leg.

Bill has a Rx for IB Profin 800mg that I have been taking. I just decided that I wasn't that sore, so I had no need to take it before I ran. I guess really feeling what is going on sucks. I am going to be more cautious then normal and take a little rest. I have decided that I will do Jillian's 30 day shred for the next 2 days to keep the fitness level up and the impact down. Hopefully that will help. I went to GNC and got the multivitamins and L Glutamin...to heal. I have also been making Designer Whey smoothies (you know the Biggest Loser stuff. I use NF Milk and a Banana to mix in with it and share it with Jesse.

We shall see how it goes.

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