Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day

Like I mentioned before, I decided to join a running club and run with them on Wednesday. Today was my first day and boy was I nervous. I was mostly nervous since I have been sucking completely the last couple days of running. I was worried I would be the last one or I would be forced to walk part of the way. I just didn't want to completely suck.

So, before I left I ate some toast with honey and some NF Yogurt (yum yum). I packed an apple in my car for after the run and away I went all by my lonesome. Bill and Jesse stayed back at the house. I got there a tad early and got to meet a bunch of people, everyone was very nice. There was about 20 people doing the run, everyone at different levels and going different distances - some walkers, run/walkers, runners fast and slow. So I felt better that I wasn't the only beginner out there.

So the shoes you ask. Well I can now say they are broken in - I rand 4 miles and felt terrific! I forgot to time it and got caught up in the moment. I really felt like I could go longer. I had so much fun! I started out with a couple gals and ended up on my own - probably better that way since I really am not a great run-talker. I just like to listen to my music and enjoy. Even though I am not much of a talker it is motivating for me to run with others. It takes the loneliness out of running and makes it fun to see people you know out there doing the same thing.

I am back to loving running - for a minute there we weren't friends.


  1. Who did you end up joning? I run with Cal Coast, but need a little bit of a change. The scenery is getting old....

  2. Hi Glenn! You are my first ever comment! I just saw this. I am going with Road Runner...they meet up tomorrow at 6:10pm at the Newport Beach Pier in front of Charlie's Chili. Great bunch of people - you should check it out!