Friday, August 13, 2010

3 Miles - A OK

I did 3 miles today in 30:19, feeling pretty good about myself. I think the rest did me pretty good. When I ran those 3 miles my muscles felt great, I didn't feel tired like I usually do. I have decided to run the OC Fair 5 K on Sunday. I am hoping to be able to register on sight - it looks like a fun run. I am still icing, sitting in Epsom salt baths and taking the glutamine.

I think Hal Higdon is right about the cross training thing (go figure), I think instead of running on my cross training day, I should be doing something else...I don't know what yet...but after seeing how much better I ran when my muscles are well rested, it seems to make more sense (at least for now) to pick something fairly easy for my cross training days. Hmmmm, I will have to think about that....

As far as my diet goes - I think I am doing fairly well. I am eating all the right foods, I may want to start looking at portions though. I am still losing weight at a good rate, so I guess when I start to plateau I will re-evaluate my diet.

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