Thursday, August 12, 2010

In the Beginning...

So this is the last night of my just doing Yoga...I can say that I am truly ancey. I cannot wait to wake up tomorrow morning at 5:30am to give it a go again. I hope all this rest will do good things for me. I am also not too keen on falling behind schedule.

I started my weight loss adventure doing Atkins...well if you really want to start from the beginning, I have always been a little overweight - nothing major, just a little thick. When I got pregnant and then put on bed rest, I got...well...HUGE! I mean like 250 lbs + huge! I am 5 foot 6 so that is a lot of weight to carry.

This was me when I was 8 months prego (I was still gaining weight if you can believe it):

So after I delivered, I lost about 30 lbs in a month then I went on Jenny Craig and lost another 30 lbs, then stalled for a while and went on Atkins (which I loved) and lost about 15 lbs where I plateaued for a couple months, now I am doing my own thing and have lost another 5...bringing me to a grand total of 170.

My own thing consists of a low fat higher carb (low sugar, no white flour) version of Atkins. I liked doing Atkins since I had to learn how to eat more vegetables and less processed foods. Currently, I am still trying to lower the processed foods, hormones, and chemicals. I switched to higher carbs when I learned that I would need the carbs for distance - so I have incorporated fruits and grains. I thought I would gain some water weight when I switched, (carbs hold more water) but I started to lose weight again.

I started to run when I got impatient with walking. It really takes me too long to get where I need to go. Although I move slow running (fast walkers could keep up with me), I feel like I am moving faster. I have always liked being in sports and challenging myself, so this running thing seems to be a good fit.

I so cannot wait to try running again tomorrow - I am going to be slow and steady.

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