Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So I figured it all out. I have found the thing that is going to challenge me - running. The best thing of all is that I totally suck at it. I don't mean oh, I suck at it....I mean, I really, truly, SUCK at it - 11-12 min mile suck. But, I love it so that is what counts right? I guess we shall see. It has been forever since my last post, but that is cuz I had no idea what it was that was going to make this year really great.

I am a stay at home mom, I have my bachelors degree in Business and work(ed) for a terrific company doing things I loved - before baby. Now I am with my little guy, loving life, but seeking a challenge at home. So I saw this documentary, Spirit of the Marathon, and I thought - hey - I can do that! So I did some Googling and here I am, week 10 into a 30 week training program. I have not picked a marathon yet, but I am sure I will.

You may not think this sounds crazy, but if you knew me, you would know that A. I am conservatively 20 lbs overweight and B. I have always hated running but if you factor in C. I am too stubborn to give up on a challenge and add them all together you will come up with the fact that I am crazy. All of the sudden I have found a love for running - I am obsessed....I know, I know, "Balance and Moderation." That went out the window a while ago...this is who I am. I am an ex alky who thrives on obsessions, might as well find something worth while right?

So here we go...are you ready to take a marathon adventure with me???

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