Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tae Boe Day

Yesterday was a sucky running day. I love the new running shoes - but my legs felt heavy and sore. I got over it by mile 2 so Bill and I stopped by the park and let Jesse play for a while. While Jesse was playing, I went to the the field to run sprints - man they are fun. Then I thought, I could attempt the run again, so I ditched the boys and went running again - I was just so out of the mood, I got over it and ran back home.

Per the Ha Higdon schedule, it is cross training day. I will be doing 1 hour of Tae Boe. My legs are still killing me, so I took Bill's Rx IB Profin again. Probably not the best idea, but they hurt and I am thinking that the rest day tomorrow will get my legs back to normal.

I am still trying to keep to schedule so I can run Long Beach. I have less then 60 days and I am a tad behind due to my minor injury.

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